Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pod Casts

Need something to make your chores less monotonous? Well I have found hours of enjoyment by listening to Pod casts on my iPod. I tend to like relationship advice and psychology-oriented casts. My favorite is Dr. Joy Brown. She has 3 hours of casts a day so you are bound to have enough 'material' when the time comes to get to work!

Actually she is really the only podcast I listen to. I listen to her when driving alone in traffic too, and when exercising. I may be obsessed!

Saturday, January 20, 2007


My first tip will be the mother of all tips. Unfortunately, it is more for my audience than me because I have tried it before and failed miserably. It is a great concept though, and I highly recommend it. The tip is called Fly Ladies. This is a program/website you join and they send you emails to remind you when to do certain things. Slowly but surely you get more and more accomplished and start to regain control of your life. Actually I may just sign up again and start following it once my room mate leaves. On the other hand I want to just put on my rubber gloves (maybe I will even get a carpenter belt!) and get to it all at once. I know I could get a lot accomplished over just one weekend even.

Did I mention I refuse to clean anything until my room mate leaves? I actually pretty much gave up a long time ago. We had to hire a cleaning lady but even she can't do anything about the clutter except clean around it. The kitchen has gotten pretty gross actually, I am pretty much scared to cook in it. The sink is filled to the brim with dishes. The cutting boards are dirty, the spongers are old and haven't been sanitized in a while. Yuck. It kind of makes me nauseas just looking at everything while I walk through it.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Despite keeping my childhood room a completely filthy mess, I have grown up into somewhat of a neat freak. I have been living with a sloppy roommate for the past couple of years and she is finally moving out in a couple of weeks and I will have the place all to myself. Oh the joy! I absolutely cannot wait until she leaves so I can clean my house from top to bottom. I am considering using some of my 'vacation days' to get this accomplished. I will definetly be taking some stimulants (ie. coffee, don't panic!).

With that in mind, join me as I embark on the world from sloppy and cluttered to clean and organized!