Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update on Me

Well I was shocked to come back to my blogs after a long time away and see so many wonderful comments from kind readers. It made my day, that's for sure! I am going to start up my posts again, but I need to get on some kind of schedule for doing this otherwise I will slack off....what else is new??

My boyfriend and I have developed a chore list to keep track of the chores around the house. We have been doing pretty good. We listed them all out, flipped a coin and alternated picking them based on what we liked. Then we switch the same ones on the next week so we get to see what it was like for the other person. We even have stars to mark when we do our chores! Only, now the house is so clean I don't feel like cleaning it anymore. I like cleaning dirty things, and having the proper time to do things right. I would rather clean the little spaces between the hard floor than sweep all the stupid dust up off it. In fact I wish I could clean all the little cracks rather than write the paper I have to write by Thursday :( I should just become a cleaning guru. I know I have plenty of fans here to support me, right?

In other news, my latest chore occupying my mind is figuring out what to do with the never-ending pile of papers on my office desk all the time. I have a filing cabinet right now, that isn't working. Its a two drawer system, and I use the top drawer for office supplies like envelopes, post-its, etc.

My problems:
- my filing cabinet is ugly and industrial looking
- I have too many papers in the bottom drawer making it annoying to file anything new
- If I were to take out the older papers, I don't know where I would put them
- I don't know which papers I need to keep and which ones I can discard


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