Friday, February 23, 2007

Hot Spots!

Well, I haven't been posting as many regular tips lately cause I have been attempting to do BabySteps with Last night I did two new things- I cleaned up a random Hot Spot for 2 minutes (actually 4 cause 2 seems so short!) and laid out my clothes for this morning. Both REALLY helped. My night stands on either side of my bed are completely cleaned off, and before I took a shower I just took out one hanger and put it on my bed and it had on it my undies, bra, socks, pants and shirt for after the shower! Woo hoo! Soooo cool. Oh and by the way, I have been shining my sink ev-er-y night! Go me! At this rate of 2 minutes a day, it should take me, what, oh maybe a year to get my house clean?! Bwahaha but it feels great!


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