Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sorting my Mail, Day 5

Well my task for yesterday was to find all my bills and put them in one place for 2 minutes, which I was successful at! Two minutes goes by SO fast on a kitchen timer, I almost think it was inaccurate. I set it for 2 minutes more cause I didn't mind. I don't know if thats the point of Flylady, to do a little bit more than you started out, or if you are NOT supposed to do that.

I am glad I have been pretty much following along every day. Its sometimes hard to get dressed to the shoes, cause I run in the morning before taking a shower. Hey, I guess putting on sneakers counts, right?

Tonight I have to lay out my clothes for tommorrow morning, which is ironic cause I have a job interview to prepare for anyway!

Incidentally, I have thought about it and I am pretty positive I am going to purchase the FlyLady trapper-keeper thing when I start doing appraisals- what a powerful tool for staying organized on the go! (and no, I swear I do not work for Flylady!)

I am also thinking I am going to join the BODY clutter group as well, that is an off-shoot of Flylady that helps you lose weight.


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